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Tagged: #singlegirlproblems

Being a single girl comes with its own set of problems, and I don’t just mean of the dating kind. Whether its learning how to do something on your own, dealing with the assumptions of a society that expects you to conform to their standards of womanhood, or just the frustration and loneliness of being single, there’s a story in this collection for you. So read on.

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With Fins I Fly

When was a young girl, my grandmother once told me, “You will turn into a mermaid if you stay in the bathtub.” So I stayed, Until my fingers were wrinkly raisins, Puckered with time,...

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My departure date for Chile is fast approaching, and as I write this post from a tent in Gifford Pinchot National Forest–on this, my 30th birthday weekend rafting trip–I’m starting to feel that mix...