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Tagged: #multilingualproblems

I’m a native English, near-native Spanish, and basic French speaker, and if that’s not a recipe for confusing people when I travel, then tell me what is! Particularly as a multiracial Spanish-speaker who has lived in multiple Spanish-speaking countries, the issue of my accent combined with my looks can be extra complicated, and often lead to many rude questions from well-intentioned people.

That said….looking the way I do, and speaking the languages I speak also opens many doors.
Read on, because these are those stories.

Refugio Frey Night Photo Credit Loreah Winlow 0

Proposed Refugio Frey Change.org Petition

Note:  This is a translation of a Change.org petition originally posted here. After spending over a month at the Frey (located near Bariloche, Argentina), and making some of the best memories and friends of...