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Tagged: bilingual

201502- Climbing6B in Piedra Parada-Argentina Dani Reyes-Acosta 0

Opt Outside

What Does It Mean to #optoutside? Adventure is trending. The outdoor lifestyle (and the social media names pushing it) sell millions in gear. But what does it really mean to jump on the #optoutside bandwagon?...

fins-feet-fly-poem-photo-huachinango 0

With Fins I Fly

When was a young girl, my grandmother once told me, “You will turn into a mermaid if you stay in the bathtub.” So I stayed, Until my fingers were wrinkly raisins, Puckered with time,...

En-Búsqueda-del-Oro-photo-bilingual-Spanish-poem 0

En Búsqueda del Oro

Anoche soñe con las palabras de una anciana Una mujer sabia, De cabello plateado, de gris, Las líneas arrugadas de su cara moviendose lentamente mientras Susurraba sus palabras. Fuertes eran, Sentía el peso de...