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Sharing:  Because It’s the Right Thing to Do

I didn’t go this journey alone:  I had a few family and friends morally support me along the way (although probably 85% of people thought I was nuts). And because I haven’t ever had anyone finance or fund my trips, I probably spent more money than I had to along the way, but boy, did I learn a lot.

Because I think it’s important to share what I’ve learned so that anyone else wanting to even take part in a snippet of the types of journey I’ve shared, below is a living and growing list of resources I’ve used over the years.

Don’t see something that you think belongs here? Let me know and I’ll add it!

Travel Resources

  • Google Flights:  One of the coolest features of Google Flights is that you can search a flight and then set alerts so you know when prices drop (or rise). Google (probably because it knows everything about you) knows you don’t want to be spammed, so the volume of you email you get if you do set an alert isn’t terrible (i.e. it’s much better than Priceline, Airfarewatchdog, etc.).
  • Hopper App:  In their words, “Know when to fly and buy. Score the cheapest fares.” This is an amazing app that’s informed how I buy tickets.
  • In case you’re going to climb in a Spanish-backchillan_logo_multicolorspeaking country, want to make friends with locals, or are just a nerd:  bookmark this glossary of Spanish rock climbing terms. (It’s been vetted by Chileans and Argentinians only, FYI.)
  • If you make it down to Chile after you buy a cheap ticket, especially for the snow, make your way to Las Trancas, home of Nevados de Chillán. It’s an amazing, tiny ski and mountain bike town with the best lift-access sidecountry, and guess what? I have some friends you should contact when you go down there for a ski tour or backcountry snowboarding adventure.

Self-Discovery:  The Looking Inward Part

Remember:  this list will continue to grow, so check back over time!