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The Documentation:  Seeing the Story of Living, Loving, and Travel.

Balancing Adventure and Living

These photos, coming live from the Instagram feed, show a little bit of my journey.

I’m always a little wary of what and when I publish, because while this isn’t a for-profit project, nor is the intent to do anything other than hopefully find a little bit more of my tribe (and perhaps inspire a few along the way), I am painfully aware of the narcissism of social media that infiltrates the worlds of adventure travel and self-discovery (ever seen the sarcastic, hedonistic yogis of Namaste, Bitches?). (Don’t even get me started on geotagging.)

That said:  what fun would it be if there weren’t a few photos along the way? When I’m old, I want to look back on these as a visual journal. So here’s my diary….peep away 😉

A Visual Diary:  The Photos