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Opt Outside

What Does It Mean to #optoutside?

Adventure is trending. The outdoor lifestyle (and the social media names pushing it) sell millions in gear. But what does it really mean to jump on the #optoutside bandwagon?

For me, Opt Outside hasn’t just been a consumer choice:  it’s also been a lifestyle decision to choose adventure, create balance, and find happiness with one simple medicine:  experiences in the great outdoors.

A Little Context

The last four years have been all about aligning my personal beliefs and lifestyle choices—whether that means practicing good outdoor ethics, playing outside as a means of self-discovery, or stepping into my identity as a multiracial entrepreneur, outdoor athlete, lifelong nerd, and community builder.

When REI first debuted its #optoutside campaign in 2015, I was able, for the first time ever, to publicly share my beliefs and love for the outdoors: http://bit.ly/optoutsidewithrei .

So what does it mean to all of you to #optoutside?


Photo Credit for the REI-repost:  Loreah Winlow 

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