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Trip Report: Refugio Frey, Argentina

A trad climbing heaven, Refugio Frey is a self-contained Disneyland where the only ticket for admission is a 4+ hour hike and stoke to climb. Whether spending a week or a month there, the Frey is a rare gem in the world of backcountry alpine climbing: even while easily accessible from town, the only thing stopping you from climbing there for months on end is the tedium of the hike to town so you can replenish your food supplies. Situated in northern Patagonia in the high alpine of Bariloche, the dusty orange and pink granite spires called to me as soon as I Googled “Refugio Frey.”

— Dani Reyes-Acosta

Yes:  Another Patagonia Climbing Trip Report

Do you think #tradisrad? What about traveling in South America? And has the idea of bumming around as a dirtbag on the entirety of the South American content for a year really fu**ing appeal to you?

Then you might want to read this:  a trip report from Phase 2 of my gap year in South America. This phase, what I lovingly call the “rock climbing phase,” a.k.a. when I inadvertently became a real dirtbag, was where all the real fun began.

Give It Up for the Ladies

This is just the teaser to this trip report…..you’ll have to read the rest of it over at Crux Crush where it was originally posted. While you’re there, give the girls a holler:  their trip reportsfilled with details like how to get there, what rack to bring, where to stay, and what to do on your climbing rest daysspan the globe, and they’re a bunch of pretty badass ladies too.

A Few Photos to Get You Frothing

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