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Adventure Travel Maps

Sharing Knowledge: Adventure Travel in Remote Locations, from a “Local” Perspective

In all my time traveling, I’ve never booked a trip, signed up for a package tour, or hired an international guide to make my trip easier. No, that would be far too easy; instead, I’ve usually picked a place on a map that hypothetically had good surf/snow/climbing and literally just shown up. I’m not necessarily recommending this unless you have a high sense of adventure, but honestly, would it be worth going if there weren’t a few unknowns?

Here, I’ve shared some of my favorite spots through Latin America. I spent over a month at each of these locations, so while there isn’t an exhaustive list of activities or sights or even hostels on these maps, there are a few gems I found that I’d like to share. And, if you’re thinking about going to any of these places, feel free to reach out and ask more questions.

Surfing Peru:  Why, Again?

Because why not!? Actually, I’d just broken my knee snowboarding in Chile, and it seemed like the most logical decision to check out Peru before I returned to the States. With 1 month before I was scheduled to fly out of Lima, I planned a whirlwind tour of Peru’s coast to get a sampling of their warmer-than-Chile waves.

Peru, needless to say, did not disappoint.

Chile: Central and Southern Coast, a.k.a. the Lost Coast

Chile:  land of endless left pointbreaks, cold (not sharky) water, and empanadas for days. Surfing Chile could consume your entire life, and this map is just a snapshot of what took about 2 months of my time there. So while this map could never do justice that is the glory of surfing in Chile, it does at least give you a head start.

If you click into the map, each of the noted points of interest has some extra detail you won’t find on Surfline or Magic Seaweed, and here’s something else they won’t tell you:  buy machas at any restaurant you can in Cobquecura and Buchupureo. They are like tiny exquisite abalone, and whether they’re made with garlic and parmesan as an appetizer or are in empanadas with cheese, you will not be disappointed.