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Live. Love. Travel.

Look outside to find what’s within.

May the journeys on the outside strengthen the ones within. This adventure documentation is a little bit video diary, a little bit adventure journal, a little bit froth machine.
In my dreams, there are 10x more videos on this channel. It’s not an impossible mission, because I certainly have that much footage, but I’ve found that one of the most challenging aspects about being on the road and creating content is that there’s often very little time for the later when you also have to plan your own trip logistics.

I suppose what I’m saying is this:  thanks for being patient! The videos will come; slowly but surely, they’ll come. Now….if only I had a friend who really loved video editing….

A Sidenote:  On Contributions

Shall we go on an adventure? Let us know….we always love new adventure friends that like to document!