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About the Project

Overview: Not Lost, Just Discovering

The Journey to the Inner Self

Not all those who travel (nor live) will discover. These are the stories of thoughtful travels on the inner and outer journey of life, mountain peaks to the ocean blue, across continents and time zones on the journey through….(life).

Shaped by those who are exploring both themselves and the world, those who are inspired by the beauty of our world, and those who seek to do something more purposeful with their lives, this project is my (Dani Reyes-Acosta’s) personal story. It’s also a narrative shaped, influenced, and guided by the many others I encounter along this journey of a life lived outside, a life of adventure, and a life where being kind matters.

This project is ultimately a story about returning to the true self, of rewilding, of travel and adventure and love and loss. This is my realtime story.

A Note on This Site’s Content:

Travel and full-time pursuits as a digital nomad keep me from updating this site consistently. For more more consistent insights into travels, musings, and thoughts, check out @notlostjustdiscovering on Instagram, or follow along on Facebook.

The Expression of the Outer Self

Trip to Huatulco D. Reyes-Acosta

“Human identity is formed (partially) by the company we keep. Here, my story of the transition from solopreneurial digital nomad to social change innovator and impact marketer.”

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